Turn your customers into your vocal brand advocates

Grow your market share by turning your customers into your biggest fans – compelling them to bring new customers to you. Differentiate from your competition by understanding and managing memorable customer experiences at scale. Increase sales across your network and channels by ensuring a consistent and on-target customer experience is delivered by your front line.

Losing margin on customer acquisition?

Traditional customer acquisition

  • can mean price cuts to attract the customer
  • lots of advertising and promotional spend

What if you could

  • get your current customers to become your advocates and bring others
  • understand your current customer needs and service these to grow share of wallet
  • prevent unhappy customers from churning and going to a competitor
  • move the decision to purchase away from a price war and to a differentiated customer experience

Do you understand the customer journey – online and offline?

Get to know your customer’s experience throughout their journey – in every touch point and episodes. Better understand each part of the journey, handled by a different silo in the business (e.g. In-store, online, delivery, returns).

  • Imagine if you could pin point where in the journey you are losing conversion
  • Understand the points of friction within the journey
  • And discover which points are creating a potential loss in revenue

Discover the trends

Our text analytics engine help you identify the trends and topics as they develop, giving you richer insights about each part of the customer journey.

Find the sentiment

Together with the topics and trends, discover the customer sentiments and find out the things you are doing well and the ones you need to improve.

Plan action

AI based root cause analysis and closing the loop workflow within each touch point provides you opportunity to tackle the pain points more efficiently.

Does everyone in your customer service team deliver the same experience?

  • Ensure a transparent and consistent customer experience is provided at each interaction
  • Empower each frontline team member with insights into what delighted the customer and what created pain
  • Change front line behaviour at scale without having to push from the top
  • Create uplift in productivity across each staff member, multiplying the ROI of insight
  • Reward the staff that is driving the best experience and growing sustainable sales

Measure what matters

Our dashboards provide snapshots of your customer feedback so that you can get the insights that matter the most.

Close the loop faster

Getting the right information about your customer’s experience at a right time lets you recover the bad experiences sooner.

Keep track of your team

With an easier way to track your team activities, you can increase your team’s productivity to provide the best experience.

Increase in-store conversion by continuously understanding the in-store experience

Don’t just increase foot traffic through promotions

  • Do you understand why conversion is happening?
  • Do you understand how you could target the experience more for a demographic and convert?
  • Are you playing the price game to increase conversion and leave money on the table?

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